Should You Have Your Home Inspected Before You Sell?

By Adrienne Francis


If you have lived in your home even for 10 years or more, it does make sense to have it inspected. A home inspection costs in the area of $450.00. The radon test costs about $175.00.  Lots of things change in a 10 year period including radon levels. I recently sold a home that needed to install radon remediation after only 8 years. This client had also purchased it with an in ground oil tank that had been abandoned properly and certified by the town but now oil tanks must be removed. When these tanks were originally drained of oil, filled with gravel and closed, the soil was never tested, so it’s mandatory that they be removed and the soil tests done if a leak or a hole in the tank is found.

Another big area of concern to a buyer is a chimney. Often people maintain lots of things in their home but forget about the chimney. The flashing is not always perfect and let’s water in and mortar can also begin to erode. Chimney’s fall under the category of “safety” with an inspector and home buyers always want this fixed and most often it can be very costly. If you have your chimney inspected and repaired, it’s one more “issue” that goes away along with a very expensive “credit” to the buyer.

Outside downspouts – another problem when they do not take the rain water far enough away from the house and there is dampness or even small accumulations of water in a basement after a heavy rain. Buyers go crazy over water in a basement, so there is no time like the present to extend your downspouts and get a humidifier to dry out the basement so your home is ready to sell.

Ten years goes by pretty quickly when your living in a home and your very busy. So much can get missed. So do consider hiring an inspector to give your home a once-over. It’s always less costly to fix any issues that might arise yourself, that to have the buyer get a quote for those repairs.

If you are considering selling your home and appreciate a more “concierge” type of representation, then call me. I would be happy to help you make the home selling process simplified, while getting your home staged and prepared to sell at the highest possible price.


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