Basking Ridge – The Brick Academy

Preparing for Princeton: The Brick Academy

Basking Ridge, New Jersy

Buy a home in Basking Ridge, and you will, most assuredly, hear about the Brick Academy. The Academy was built in 1809 and originally used to prepare students for Princeton University, which is very close to Basking Ridge in Somerset County. It was also called the Basking Ridge Classical School, where boys attended preparatory classes for developing into some of the finest men in the Nation. When considering your own child’s future education, where better to raise them than near this prestigious college?

Some of our greatest senators of New Jersey came from the Basking Ridge area and were College of New Jersey (Princeton University) graduates, and received their earlier education at the Basking Ridge Classical School. They were: Samuel Lewis Southard (1787 1842) Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787 1961), William Lewis Dayton, (1807-1864) and Robert Field Stockton (1795 1865).

Now this fine, vintage building stands as a museum by the Historical Society of the Somerset Hills. Steeped with heritage, this museum stands in downtown Basking Ridge as a reminder of our proud beginnings.

The Unique black iron pump located in the flower garden of the Brick Academy: In 1948, this pump served as an emergency source of water for residents. An excavating shovel broke the town’s only water main, causing 115 families to be without water in their homes. The pump was in the backyard of Bensley Field’s grandfather, Dr. Frank L. Field, whose house still stands at 454 Route 202 in Bedminster. Dr. Field has his residence and medical office there.

The history in Basking Ridge and the surrounding Somerset County is piled high with American memories. Come back to the American traditions!

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