Great White Wine Carafes for Fathers Day


As the heat bears down once again, there are scores of gadgets for chilling wines. But instead of frozen gels and wraps and whatnot, these glass carafes rely on the simplest method: ice. You pour in the wine, then fill an insert with ice cubes, cooling the wine from the inside out. A bottle of room-temperature white can be a palatable 45 to 50 degrees in about 40 minutes. (You may have to refill the ice holder to maintain the chill during serving.) The insert in the Metrokane model (below, left) is metal, so the ice does not melt quite as fast as in a glass insert.

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe is $49.95 at Kitchen Couture, 5213 13th Avenue, Borough Park, Brooklyn,  (718) 686-8200 ; and from, and Wine Enthusiast Carafe, with a glass insert, is $39.95 from, and


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