Shopping for a Basking Ridge Online

Save yourself time, effort and gas by calling Adrienne Francis for her list of Basking Ridge real estate properties online. You can eliminate the “dogs” and find the latest listings, hot on the market.

If you surf the entire internet, there is a lot of listings that are already sold or pending, that still appear for sale. However, Adrienne will give you exactly where to go for the latest homes for sale. She has been selling Basking Ridge homes for years and has the experience and knowledge to take you right where you need to go, without wasting valuable time.

Before you go online, make a list of the following items, and then you can just punch them into the categories online:

Tip #1

    Determine a price range that is comfortable for you.
    Tip #2
    Location, location, location is still the most important factor about buying a home! Figure out a location, this can be as specific as a neighborhood, school district or zip code.

Tip #3

    Decide on a home with your lifestyle in mind. Stay within your thoughts on lifestyle and budget!

Tip #4

    Don’t forget the website might want you to specify an age limit for the home. Decide this factor as well.

Tip #5

    What do you want your dream house to look like? Does this consist of a swimming pool, fireplace, 2 stories, or a milf porn waterfront view?

Tip #7

    Always look at the expanded information and photos for the properties that come up in the search. Read and study as much as you can.

Tip #8

If you find a home that looks good but you are not sure, call Adrienne at 201-259-4449

and she will find out more about the home. Sometimes pictures online are deceiving

so it is best to ask lots of questions. She will be representing you, so she will give

a true depiction of the property. Remember, she is there to negotiate for you as well,

when you are ready to make celebrity porn an offer.

Tip #9

    Finally, make a list for Adrienne to set appointments on the homes. Schedule a half a day, cleared just for your house hunt and let Adrienne know well in advance. It will take her a day or two to schedule the homes.
    Adrienne Francis is there to help, so don’t hesitate to call her. She has the eye and experience from years in Basking Ridge real estate!

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