Spring Home Selling Tips

By Adrienne Francis

Easy Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

Sprucing up your home before you sell it has never been more important because today’s buyer’s have never been more demanding. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can improve your home’s value and increase the likelihood of a quick sale and we all know the sooner that happens, the more money you will receive for your home. Here are a few easy ways to boost your home’s value with these quick and easy projects around your house.

Spruce up the Color with a Fresh Paint Job

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your house is to repaint. Focus on  rooms that are the most “social” rooms of the house (i.e., the family room, dining room, and kitchen). This will give your home an updated and clean look, and remember if you have purple, pink or bright green on your walls, paint it. Chances are you are the only one who likes those colors.

Replace Appliances with Energy Saving Appliances

Old appliances, especially those that are less energy efficient can end up causing a home buyer more money each year in utility costs. Make your home more appealing by replacing toilets and showers with low-flush and low-flow alternatives that use less water. A new vanity, while very inexpensive to buy and install can transform the look of an older bath. Also, consider replacing kitchen appliances with more energy efficient models and if at all possible, replacing windows with better insulated versions. If you can’t replace them, be sure they are thoroughly cleaned of debris, CLEANED and in good working order. When the sun shines in, your home is worth more to a buyer!

Make Household Repairs

Have a loose cabinet door or a light switch that doesn’t function? Making small replacements can be a big difference when it comes to your home’s value – especially when you have an inspector and an appraiser visiting down the road. Have a friend come in and point out some things you might not notice but stand out to others. Even new knobs on cabinetry can transform the look of a kitchen or bath.

Invest in Landscaping

The outside look of the house is extremely important for a home valuation. It provides the first impression and without a doubt will add to the overall appearance of your home. If it looks meticulous on the outside, a buyer’s expectations have already been satisfied to a certain degree. Don’t think they are not looking up and around when they get to your door. They are scrutinizing everything. More importantly, an overgrown lawn, messy yard, toys and old flower pots strewn everywhere can detract significantly from a home’s value since it makes it appear older and poorly maintained. Add a flower bed, mulch, some shrubs and a couple nice potted plants on your front porch to accent your home’s exterior.

Throw away the junk

And remember lesbian porn to purge and organize closets. Buyers need to see “space” when looking for a home and they will open every door and cabinet. If your closets are crowded, overflowing or piled high with “stuff”, a buyer will perceive a lack of space in your home. You’re moving anyway, so throw out or pack up what you don’t need now and give your home the look of added space. Keep in mind what you would like to see if you were shopping for a home and create that environment in your home. You will be rewarded.


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