Bedminster Market Stats -13 Homes sold in Bedminster in December

13 homes sold in December in Bedminster and most were under $600,000. With thousands of townhome units under that price point in “The milf porn Hills” community of Bedminster, its not surprising. We do have other large properties in Bedminster and we would like to see those sell too . With the market on a big upswing, that should happen very soon! If you are looking to sell your home in the Somerset or Morris County areas, and want some advice on what to do to make it appealing to today’s buyer, just send me an email or a text and I would be happy to help. Superbowl and reasonably good weather should start the selling trend in this area so there’s not much time to get ready! If you are looking to buy a home in the area,( and buyers are clearly not waiting for super bowl to get started), I know the inventory and market quite well so feel free to contact me for any information you might need.

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