Shop the catalogs from your Android phone – thanks to Google!

More than three months after it was launched on iOS devices, Google Catalogs has finally come to Android.

In a post on the Google Mobile Blog on Monday, Google announced that the free digital catalog library would now be available for download on Android tablets.

Google Catalogs, which launched in August, is essentially a digitized version of all those shiny catalogs you’re always finding in your mail box. It features products from more than 125 brands including Nordstrom, Nike, mobile porn Williams-Sonoma and Sephora on over 400 catalog issues.

While Google search is great when you know what you’re looking for, Google Catalogs is “all about the browse,” as Business Product Manager Abigail Holtz told The Huffington Post in August. She said, “At its core, it’s a very simple app. It’s just about being inspired and finding things you didn’t know you’d love.”

Besides browsing products, users can build collages of items that they like and share them via email to other users. You can also buy directly from the app and search for specific items.

Although the app’s pages are basically just digitized versions of catalog pages scanned using Google Books technology, Tuaw described the user experience as “seamless”. It certainly looks nicer than the slippery paper and tiny type of physical milf porn catalogs.

Take a look at the user interface of Google lesbian porn Catalogues, via our slideshow (below). You can visit the Android Market to download the app for your Android-powered tablet.


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