Some of the cheapest money we have ever seen!

We are in the midst of some of the cheapest money we have ever seen, and will likely ever see in our lifetimes.  Rates are still in the mid 3% (depending on your credit of course).

That’s some cheap money, folks.

Cheaper money means that your mortgage payments will be lower, or that you can reach a little higher, and purchase a property with a higher purchase price.

Does that translate into “This is a great mobile porn time to buy?”.  Well, that depends entirely on your situation… but we’re not going to see money this cheap for a long, long, time.  We’re also starting to see prices rise, and how far behind that, do you think, will we start to see interest rates begin to rise?

We owe it to you celebrity porn to pass on this information.  Now is a great time to buy.


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