FICO revamps the way it calculates credit scores

By: Adrienne Francis FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) announced today that at some point, later in mobile porn the fall, it will be revamping the way it calculates credit scores. This is wonderful news for consumers and surely will help to increase credit scores because a low credit score could ultimately cause a consumer to pay a higher […]

FHA Mortgage Update – Mortgage Insurance Premium Changes

FHA Mortgage Update – Mortgage Insurance Premium This mortgage update should be read by everyone who will be securing an FHA mortgage. These changes will have an affect on your mortgage payment and some of these changes will remain in effect for a long time. Please take a look: FHA Changes Effective for FHA loans […]

So You Really Want to Buy a Place – But You Have Student Debt?

SOURCE FOR many recent college graduates, the dream of owning a home may have to be postponed awhile as they first grapple with repaying mounds of education loans. Outstanding student loan debt now totals over $1 trillion, according to a report last month from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. That surpasses the amount owned on […]

Thinking About Doing a Loan Modification?

If you are “underwater” in your home and can’t afford the house payments any more, it may be time to call the bank and talk to them about doing a loan modification. According to the website  “A Loan Modification is a permanent celebrity porn change in one or more of the terms of a mortgagor’s loan, […]