Accent Wall Painting Ideas

I love some of these accents. Hope it gives you some good ideas.


Unusual Shapes

    Accent wall painting ideas: use molding to break it up 

  • Break up the accent wall with wood strips and molding, and paint them in the trim color.
  • Draw a large geometric shape on your wall (square, rectangular, half-circle, etc), fill it with an accent color and then outline it with strips of molding for a more finished look.
  • Leave a 20″ wide vertical gap of white space in the middle of your accent wall, then hang artwork down the center.
  • Moving in a clockwise direction, paint 1/3 of one wall and 2/3 of the adjacent wall, wrapping the corner in an accent color. This cool trick will help you create an architectural emphasis where one doesn’t exist.

Dimensional Finishes

    Accent wall painting ideas: venetian plaster 

  • Instead of using regular paint and a solid color milf porn for painting your accent wall, try faux painting finishes likevenetian plaster, antique crackle, stone imitations or denim.
  • Adding a mural to the accent wall mobile porn will make the room come alive and will create a unique theme and mood in the room.
  • You don’t have to use paint in order to create an accentwall – wallpaper is a great alternative to wall painting and is just as versatile and beautiful.

Decadent Colors

  • Consider a gold, silver or copper leaf finish for your feature wall – the result can be breath-taking. A cheaper, faster and easier way is to use metallic paint – it will look subtler but will still add a dazzle.
  • Accent wall painting ideas: black color

  • One of the boldest wall painting ideas (not for the faint of heart) is a black accent wall. Most people are afraid of black color and think it will celebrity porn look goth and depressing. But when done right, a black accent wall can look absolutely stunning and even fresh, positive and inviting. But the key to pulling off the black is to keep the furniture, flooring and ceilings light.


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