Don’t Let that Vaulted Ceiling Stand in Your Way



Have you been wanting to experiment with a new color or even repaint for freshness but that tall vaulted ceiling is getting in your way? Painting this type of ceiling can seem like a monumental size project but with a little guidance, you can get it done!

Prepare the Room

Keep in mind that as neat as you may be at painting walls, vaulted ceilings are an entirely different story. There is a lot of potential for long drips that pick up speed on the way down and splatter hard on impact! Move what you can out of the room, take everything off of your walls and cover everything that is left (including the floor) with tarps.

You also want to get a cleaning device with a very long pole and clean away those cobwebs. Lastly, apply painter’s tape on all of the walls and molding that meet up with the milf porn ceiling.

Will Your Ladder Reach?

Depending on how high your ceilings are and how tall your ladder is, you may be all set to begin. Keep in mind that you want to be able to reach the highest point without risking standing on top of the ladder which is never safe! If you can’t reach, you can rent scaffolding or borrow a taller ladder from someone.


Paint the edges first using a paint brush, not a roller. This will allow you to get right up close to the painter’s tape without risking making contact with the walls. Using a roller brush on an extension, paint the ceiling from one end to the other, making sure that there are no bubbles. If you need a second coat, give the first coat time to dry so you can really get a good visual of any spots that you may have missed.

Painting a vaulted ceiling may be a bit of a pain but you’ll be glad you did it every time you look up or your guests comment on how spectacular the color is!

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