9 Great Garage Storage Tips



Instant Mudroom

Wish you had a place for everyone to remove shoes and drop trash before stomping inside? Stake out the entryway corner of your garage to create a de facto mudroom. Add a tray for wet boots and a simple rack for hanging whatever. This thrifty home owner used items she already had and spent a mere $13 to put this mudroom together.

Credit: Lori from Thrifty Decor Mom

Pipe Dreams

 Give each of your long-handled landscape tools a home of their own with leftover pieces of plastic PVC  plumbing pipe. Cut small sections of pipe at an angle so it’ll be easy to make a screw hole, then attach the pieces to your garage or shed wall. Lay out the tools beforehand so you can set proper spacing; label with masking tape.

Credit: Marji Roy

Peg Board Tool Cart

This clever homemade tool cart has it all: It puts tools right where you can reach them, it stores stuff vertically on pegboard so you can organize a lot of tools without taking up much floor space, and it’s got wheels so you can move it out of the way easily. The total cost was under $50, but you’ll need some welding skills to put the frame together.

Credit: Brad Justinen/Instructables


New Life for Your Old mobile porn Kitchen

Tired of your old kitchen cabinets? Don’t toss them: They’ll make great storage for your garage. Measure your space to see if they’ll milf porn fit (check that you’ve got enough room to open car doors). Top them with an inexpensive laminate countertop for convenient, low-cost storage.

Credit: Vickie Hallmark


Corral Your Playthings

Basketballs and soccer balls tend to wander; you can make a ready-access cage for athletic balls using bungee cords. The cords bend easily for storing and retrieving, yet hold all your gear snugly when not in use.


Credit: Wendy Edwards


Off-the-Shelf Storage

DIY storage solutions, such as this sleek modular system, offer configurations with hooks, bins, cabinets, and shelves that you can design and set up yourself. Six 4-by-1-foot panels (24 sq. ft. total) with shelves is about $250.

Credit: Flow Wall System


Hang ’Em High

Take advantage of garage nooks with platform storage designed to hold seasonal items, such as sporting equipment and Christmas lights, that you tuck away for months each year. Fasten the platform to wall studs and suspend it from ceiling joists so you won’t celebrity porn need legs underneath.

Credit: Nicholas J. Olejniczak


Let’s Re-Cycle

Your garage is a great place to repurpose old items and give them new life as storage containers and organizers. With a little modification, this old crate serves as a bicycle rack and a helmet cubby.

Credit: Kelli Bramble


Get Rid of Stuff

It’s going to be hard to organize lesbian porn your garage if you stash things you never use! Hold a garage sale to shed little-used items before you start organizing. Leftovers? Donate them to ReStore and other charitable organizations.

Credit: Leslie Hoyt, Home Stager/Organizer at GoodbyeHouseHelloHome.com


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