Home Staging in Basking Ridge

Thinking about selling your home in Basking Ridge? Home staging techniques will assist you with getting your home in Basking Ridge ready to sell.

  1. Put family photos away! When a buyer walks into a home that displays family photos in every room, they have a hard time seeing the home with their family in it. You want to give the potential buyers a blank canvas to work with. The less they see the home as being yours they more they can see it as their own. Take down the family photos and pack them for the move.
  2. De-clutter- Can’t stress this one enough! When your home is full of clutter and collectibles, it doesn’t look as spacious. If you have a great collection of things that are currently on display just make sure you pack them away so the home looks bigger.
  3. Get mobile porn rid of extra furniture pieces- If you have extra furniture pieces then it is time to store them away. The whole idea is to make the home look spacious and roomy. If you have oversized furniture or too many pieces in one room get them out and into a room that has less or get them ready for the move.
  4. Clean the counters- The counters in your home should be free of cookie jars, knives and anything else you may have on them. When they are clutter free it will look larger and cleaner. So get rid of things you store on them. Put the coffee pot and toasters away too!
  5. Trim trees and shrubs- If a buyer doesn’t like what they see on the outside of your home it is going to be hard to get them inside! Take the time and get the grass green and weeds gone. Trim down the trees and the shrubs and if you need to plant some new flowers and replace or add to the mulch. A nicely painted front door with a light will make the home look more appealing.

If you are thinking about selling your home in Basking Ridge and would like more information on staging your home to sell it contact me today at 201-259-4449.

Adrienne Francis

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