Your roof is the most important part of your home and the most neglected. Through the summer it takes the constant beating of the sun. Through the winter it resists the gusting winds and rain. The high quality roofing materials today offer protection that has not been available in the past and warranties up to fifty years are common place. The question is, how is your roof holding up.

Determine what type of roof you have.

There are 4 types of roofing;

1. Composition – these are flat and the most common called shingles, or asphalt shingles.
2. Shake – These are made of wood and can be either thick or very thin.
3. Tile – Usually made of clay or concrete and can be flat, W shaped or S shaped
4. Flat – Usually covered with rock or rolled roofing

How to Inspect your roof.

The first part of your roof inspection should start on the ground. Are small or large pieces or roofing on the ground or in the trees or bushes. This should be checked after a rain or a windy day. Look around the bottom of downspouts. Are the granules washing off of the shingles?

Look at the roof itself. Can you see any pieces missing or lifting up? Can you see any bare spots where the roofing is gone and you can see the black underlayment.

Next, Look inside the house. The most obvious thing of course is to see if there are any leaks. Look also for slight discoloring or paint blistering. See if the wallpaper is peeling away where it meets the ceiling. Also, check for dampness around the baseboards or if the carpet is damp. If you have a skylight with a drop in diffuser, remove it and looks for signs of leaking.

If you have access to your attic take a good light and see if the wood is water stained or wet. Is the insulation damp or matted down. If the insulation has paper backing is the backing wet or stained.

If you are able, inspect the roof by climbing on it. Be extremely careful. Use a good ladder and do not lean over the edge. Hundreds of people fall off of roofs and are seriously injured every year, even professionals. A fall from a roof ALWAYS results in an injury requiring medical attention.

If you can inspect your roof by actually climbing up on it there are quite a few things to look for.

• What is the overall appearance?
• Are there mobile porn bare spots of felt (the black

• Are pieces of roofing missing?

• Can you see the heads of roofing nails?

• Check the Pipe Flashings
• Are the flashings rusted?
• Are there holes in it?
• Is the caulking cracked?
• Are there nail heads showing?

• Inspect Skylights if applicable.
• Inspect the flashings
• Slightly press on the lens and look for
water trapped between the lenses.

• Inspect the Chimney
• Inspect the flashing
• Inspect the “counter flashing”
• Is there build up of debris behind the

• Inspect Turbines
• Give the turbine a spin. Does it spin
smoothly? celebrity porn Is it quiet?
• Does it stop spinning after a few
• Is it rusting?


So what did you find?

• If you found a leak something has to be done as soon as possible.

If your roof has obvious signs that it should be leaking, you should get a professional to take a look at it.
If your roof looks good and there are no leaks then you should check it each year in the spring so that if you do have a leak you will have time to take care of it before the rain returns.

Leak Repairs

Most legitimate companies no longer do leak repairs. If a roofer fixes a leak on a roof he is often held liable if the roof leaks later on, even if the leak is in an area he did not work on! We are committed to being here when you need us and that means we make good choices about only doing work that will last. We don’t take risks and that means you can count on us when you need us. If your roof leaks and you can’t fix it yourself, chances are that you need a whole new roof, but if you don’t, we’ll tell you. We will still be here when your roof is ready to be redone.

Repair or Replace

If the your overall inspection shows that the roof is otherwise in good condition and the repair necessary is obvious then you probably should attempt a repair. The problem is that your roof is a system that was put on in a sequence from lowest point to the highest. A leak low in the roof could be coming from any direction even sideways or up the slope! Any work done can not possibly tie into the existing system without creating even more problems. If all that is needed is some caulking then go ahead and attempt the repair. But if the roofing, some flashing, or skylight needs to be torn up and replaced then you should hire a professional.

Cost of replacement

There is no way to say without actually looking at it. Some companies will give you a low price over the phone and hope to talk you into paying too much. Most companies provide free estimates but milf porn make sure that you ask before they come out to look at your home.

The main determinate of the cost of your roof is the size. This will be significantly greater than the interior footage of the house. This is due to the fact that the slope of the roof adds to the size and the width of the eaves add even more.

The second factor of cost is the type of material that you want. A tile roof is two to three times the cost of a composition roof.

Do it yourself, Hire a friend

If you know what you are doing and have an easy job ahead of you go ahead. But if you are reading this then you probably shouldn’t attempt it. The other option is to hire a friend or a neighbor. Read the insurance section of this brochure. What happens if something goes wrong or someone gets hurt. How long will the job take. Who do you call if it leaks. How much experience do they have?

Hiring a professional

Obviously, since this is our business we believe that only a GOOD licensed roofing contractor should re-roof your home if it needs to be re-roofed. The reason I emphasize the word GOOD is that there are so many bad contractors. A claims adjuster that specializes in insurance claims from damage from leaking roofs is quoted as saying that San Diego County has the worst roofers in the State. The Contractors State Licensing board routinely revokes five to ten roofers licenses per month.

So, being licensed is not enough. The following list is a minimum standard that the company roofing your home should meet.


As with anything there is a learning curve. You don’t want to hire someone who is at the beginning of the learning curve. The company itself should have a long track record. Only time can test the quality of a Roofing contractors work. Don’t hire an old roofer with a new company. Ideally, the company you hire will have had years of experience and learned long ago that the secret to success is to make customers happy who will refer him to others.


Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

You have probably heard the horror stories of contractors who didn’t have the right kind of insurance. The state only requires Workman’s Compensation Insurance. But if the contractor claims he has no employees then they will waive that requirement. If you hired the contractor and he or one of his workers got hurt they could sue you. It sounds unbelievable but call your agent. Somewhere buried in your homeowners policy is an exclusion for coverage for contractors. If the injuries are severe or fatal then you could lose everything defending yourself in a lawsuit.

Do Not Use Subcontractors

If you hire someone and they “sub” it out to someone else then you end up paying a middle man to do nothing. Also subcontractors do not work for you. They only receive their orders from the “middle man”. Subcontractors are paid by their volume of work so their main goal is to finish your house as quick as possible and to move on to the next one and they often cut corners to save time.

Have lesbian porn Large crews

This is critical if you are going to have your roof torn off. Roof removal is a dirty business and the saying “many hands make light work” definitely applies here. The volume of debris is enormous and unless you are willing to put up with debris around your house for days possibly killing your grass or getting tracked into the house then it is best to use a company that has lots of “hands” to clean up quickly. Most roofs should be torn off and cleaned up in one day. They should use trucks instead of the roll off dumpsters since this could block your driveway for days or create an attractive nuisance.

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