“Think Summer” – and start planning those outdoor renovations now.


Now is the time to think about those back yard renovations, start to get some pricing and line up a contractor before they are swamped with work in the Spring. So many homeowners have updated the insides of their homes and are now loving the idea of a wonderful and tranquil backyard – not just a deck overlooking some grass. So if you are considering a space that will give you hours and years of enjoyment, think about your back yard. When we completed our yard renovation about 5 years ago, I added a koi pond and waterfall – something I always wanted and I have to admit I have not enjoyed anything inside or outside of my home more than my pond. It would have been a very nice yard but this just made it really wonderful. You can’t imagine how soothing trickling water and the sound of frogs croaking can be. And no those fish do not require lots of work and they live all winter long with little care . So start thinking “outside the house” and go for it!
Traditional Porch design by Los Angeles Architect Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
Contemporary Landscape design by Dc Metro Landscape Architect Surrounds Landscape Architecture and Construction
Traditional Landscape design by Santa Barbara Landscape Architect Donna Lynn – Landscape Designer

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