What to Ask Your Moving Company, Prior to Moving

My friend Jeff from Harrington Movers has offered to do a series of “MovingTips” for my blog. I hope you enjoy them and if you ever need moving services, please call Jeff. You will see by the great information he is providing here that he really knows his business. He can be reached at 973 313-2246. They move EVERYWHERE.
Before you even have the movers walk into your home, ask the following questions. This is your chance to interview the moving company to see if they are going to meet your needs and wishes.

Moving and storage enterprise Harrington Moving is a seasoned veteran. The company was founded in 1996 and knows a thing or two about efficient moving. Harrington Movers suggest moving folks ask the following questions prior to moving:

1. New Jersey mobile porn License Moving Number. Moving folks should decipher whether the mover is or isn’t licensed for storage. Most frequently, moving companies who are licensed for storage are regarded as a full service company. Since February 1999 all public movers/warehousemen operating intrastate (within New Jersey) must obtain a license from the Division of Consumer Affairs. Licenses are of three types: PM: which is a license to move only; PW: which is a license for warehousing only; or PC: a combination license which permits both moving and warehousing. In order to find out whether the mover is licensed, contact the Division of Consumer Affairs.

2. Understanding the mover. Harrington Movers suggest your next question should be about the price. Ask questions about the charges, try and understand how the mover is charging you. Is he charging for special services? Do they charge for overtime? Do they charge extra for tape or other supplies?

3. Owner Operators. According to Harrington Moving, some of the larger movers and mid-sized companies use what’s called owner-operators. If this is the case with the company you are considering, ask for the company’s name and the owner’s name. This information should be readily available and should not be withheld. In addition, the mover should provide you with a certificate of insurance, and he should have workers’ compensation for his employees. Overall, Harrington believes that customers should be suspicious when turning to owner operators. Consumers should raise questions about background checks on employees, training and so on.

If owner-operators are used, make sure you check out the drivers to ensure you’ll still receive good service. Most owner-operators are local movers who have purchased their own truck for transport. Keep in mind that Harrington Moving recommends against owner-operators for local moving only.

4. Additional Fees. Harrington Moving & Storage recommends you find out if there are any additional fees or when additional fees apply. In certain states such as New Jersey, a moving company can charge the customer for any materials used during the move. Some companies will charge extra for awkward items, or if the destination does not have easy access, or if the load has to be hand-carried over a certain distance.

To avoid such costs, note any larger items milf porn and pre-arrange where the truck can park, if there are any stairs, and if you are moving to a condo or high-rise, investigate any possible obstructions such as elevator usage and load restrictions. These extra charges are called “flight charges” and “long carry charges” and they should be discussed with your mover ahead of time.

5. Additional Transfers. According to Harrington, for long distance moves some companies may transfer your belongings from one truck to another. Some companies even transfer your belongings from one mover to another, a practice known as interlining. Harrington urges moving folks to avoid such a practice. Additional transfers increase the possibility of damage and loss. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your carrier. Also, if you are moving during the winter or rainy season, find out if the company protects against water damage.

6. Packing/ Unpacking and Storage Services. Harrington Movers urge customers to ask about packing/unpacking and storage services, if needed. Find out how items are protected and labeled. Most companies will shrink-wrap your sofa and provide a free blanket wrap service; smaller companies may charge for this service. Ask how items are labeled and how they will be identified on arrival. Make sure you keep an accurate list of all your items, number of boxes, single pieces and odds and ends.

If you require storage, most of the larger moving companies will pick up your items and drop them off at the storage unit saving you both time and money.

7. Lastly, ask for recommendations. According to Harrington Moving & Storage, most reliable companies will automatically provide you with letters from satisfied customers.

To sum up, Harrington Moving recommends moving folks consider the listed questions prior to selecting a mover. In addition, Harrington Movers explain that if a moving company is not available to handle your calls, or if you cannot reach the owner of the company, then something may be fishy and you should turn elsewhere.

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Harrington Moving was founded in 1996 by Jeff Harrington. The company is regarded as one of the leading moving and storage companies along the East coast. Harrington Movers provide a variety of services including piano moving and storage, senior citizen moving, fine art and antique moving and storage, and packing and unpacking services.


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