A Furnace or a Boiler – Do You Know the Difference?

Sharing a great article from a local home inspector. This is great information that not everyone understands.

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As I write this month’s newsletter, I am concerned with the utility bill that comes with heating a home. I feel like throwing money into the street when my boiler starts. The biggest mistake I hear from inexperienced home sellers and buyers is to call the heating unit a furnace when it is a boiler and vice versa. I must preface that a boiler is a water-based heating unit that boils the water and works off steam or water circulation through baseboards or radiators units. A furnace is a forced air unit that pushes the air through ducts to a cieling vent (register).

Oil heat has been the staple of American home heating since the first oil burner was mass produced in the 1920’s. Coincidentally the thermostat was introduced at the time, allowing automated home heating to a specific temperature. Oil operated boilers were a significant upgrade from coal fired boilers. I have seen oil tanks underground, above ground and outside the house. Part of my job is to identify the existence of an oil tank by looking for oil delivery and vent pipes on the existence of an oil tank by looking for oil delivery and vent pipes on the existence of the building.

Oil is a great commodity to speculate because you get to shop around for the best price when you fill the tank in the winter season. As of November 2010 the average price to fill a 500 gallon oil tank is $2.65 price per gallon. Oil is approximately 30% cheaper to use than natural gas to heat your home.

Gas (natural gas) is delivered to the home via underground pipes from a utility company. The entry point is the front of the building and the gas meter is toward the front of the house in the basement. Natural gas is a clean fuel because you do not get the mess from an inadvertent oil spill. Natural gas can be used for a boiler or furnace heating unit. Natural gas is a great commodity but it is not uncontrollable because the prices change day to day.

The argument “Gas or Oil” can be summed up in that it costs approximately $6,500 to $10,000 to convert from oil to gas once you include the new equipment, ductwork, tank removal, plumbing, electrical work and chimney liner. It is recommended that celebrity porn if you have oil you should update the heating unit to a modern efficient unit.

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