Inventory is Low. It’s a Great Time to Sell

If you have been watching the market, you will have seen that in many towns, homes have either sold or rented and there is little inventory coming on to replace them – so it is a really good time to sell. I was just contacted by a relocation buyer coming in the first week of January to work at a local corporation. He will be looking to buy at a time when everyone thinks is the worst time to sell. But with inventory low, now is a great time to sell. Why wait until Spring when everyone else will be competing with you?

Also consider having your home staged. This will help you hold on to thousands of dollars that you might otherwise have to give away if your home has not been updated or even re-decorated recently. It makes a tremendous difference in how much you keep or give away and todays buyer wants updates and a clean fresh look. Often staging costs just a fraction of what you think it will but can really save you a fortune.

If you would like to know what your home is worth, just drop me an email with the specifics or call me at 201 259-4449. There is also a form on my website that you can complete for a market analysis:                 HappyHolidays!

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